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OUR EDGE: Why we might be your right partners?

We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them. You are unlikely to master the VUCA world of the 21st century with classic approaches of the 20th century. That’s why we choose to emerge as a new type of networked and fluid collaboration platform. We are a small adaptive tribe of successfully self-employed consultants and coaches.

We have all worked extensively on the client side before, so we understand business. As small business owners, we are already lean, agile and self-organised. We all have our own personal brands and repeat clients, which allows Audacify to be primarily a for-purpose enterprise. We are courageous in the way we live, love and work which helps when facilitating audacious change for and with you. We practice radical transparency and high levels of reflection and compassion. We know our egos and we take our masks down. Therefore, when it comes to organisational evolution and next-level leadership, we have a reputation to be more authentic and credible than many a shiny boutique consultancy, because we already practice New Work ourselves before preaching this to you.

We inspire ownership and advocate self-sufficiency. That’s why we specialise in co-creation with our clients and building capabilities in-house. Our default position is to share everything we have and know. We are part of a growing movement that is shaping the emerging future of self-organisation, purpose-driven business practices and conscious capitalism.

We are idealistic and pragmatic. Whatever your ambition for strategic change, we challenge you to mirror this with a similar appetite for personal change. Like Neo in the movie Matrix, when you choose the Red Pill, change starts with yourself and instantly, and you need to sense and adapt fast while on the roller-coaster. Or you take the Blue Pill and continue to programme manage organisational transformations through detailed plans and steering committees, where you expect others to implement culture change in Q4 – but then we won’t be right for each other.

On a scale from 1 to 10 – how audacious are you?