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Are you ready for audacious change? Are we right for each other?

Thank you for reading this far. Yes, we at Audacify have bold views on how change really works.

Using plain English or German, we help you understand the ‘must-know’ from Neuroscience, Peak Performance & Flow States, Systemic Change, Developmental and Organisational Psychology, Adaptive & Leadership as well as relevant wisdom from both Western and Eastern Traditions.

Our practice approach is based on our diverse experiences as corporate executives and executive coaches. Like most senior people, we learned through experience that every choice has a consequence – including hesitating or not deciding at all. We design our lives so that we can mindfully adapt and thrive at our highest levels of consciousness in this most disruptive decade of humanity. This gives us confidence and compassion for becoming your C-Level Companion.

Whatever your ambition for strategic change, we challenge you to mirror this with a similar appetite for personal change; the practice and the practitioner are inextricably linked – of course your intellect knows this already.

Like Neo in the movie Matrix, when you choose the Red Pill, change starts instantly, in your mind and in your body, and you need an external partner who you trust.

Start by starting: Call Marcus Druen on +447947484882 or email marcus@audacify.co