Your personal 24 hour transformation retreat

Are you fed up of not moving forward as a leader?

Does your company hold you back?

Are you complicit in creating a culture you actually don’t want?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES then read on.


Marcus (Audacify) & Ruth (London Holistic Therapy) have designed a unique 24 hour personal transformation retreat for you: an immersive and energising flow of coaching techniques, fun self-introspection experiences and a transformational massage all in a lush green and small retreat space near Hindhead

The story behind this offer

I (Marcus) have been coaching corporate executives and entrepreneurs for 15 years and delivering leadership programmes for companies including Microsoft, eBay, O2,  Sanofi, KPMG and Lidl.

Facing my very own struggles, in 2017 I decided to I embarked on my own personal and professional development programme which lasted for 12 months and has profoundly change the way I live, live, work and parent. Some of the exercises and experiences have taken me deeper than anything else before, and I would now like to offer this to my clients as well.

Added to this, I have been receiving the most transformative massages in my life by Ruth Clarke elegantly packaged and practically facilitated as your 24 hour personal transformation retreat.

I believe that this investment and intervention can be more impactful than being coached for months

Things happening leading up to your personal transformation retreat:

You will receive your log book (and some handy goodies) which you can personalise through stickers that will be provided.

Together with me as your coach, you will draft your breakthrough question during a 45 minutes video coaching.

Based on your breakthrough question, you will receive a series of quotes and questions on your phone and on sticker to ponder on a few weeks prior to your retreat. You can use these stickers for your logbook to structure your reflections.

It will be a great investment of your time if you also find time and discipline to record your experiences and observations of your inner struggles related to your breakthrough question in your logbook.

As you know, the bigger the struggle the bigger the breakthrough. Hence, his prep work is important for both of us to form some initial hypothesis for what might have been holding you back on route towards fulfilling your personal potential.


This is how the 24 hour retreat will unfold:

You will celebrate let go of some habits and patterns by writing them down on a piece of paper before burning this in a fire. You will you’re your breakthrough question to sleep for sub-conscious incubation, wake-up early and be prepared by me and Ruth, at Tree Space before embarking on your intuition walk in the forest.

When you come back you will de-brief your experience and get your story played back by us from different perspectives and energy levels. You then have time to reflect on this whilst overlooking the lush valley and nourish yourself with some healthy food we will cook for you onsite.

After that it’s time to receive a transformative massage from Ruth to shift your inner states. You will then do a personal constellation including de-brief and further feedback. This is a very visceral exercise where you will experience your personal threshold in your head, heart and gut.

Then it’s time to positively affirm your future self with some creative writing and/or crafting. You will then get advice from your future self which we can also record on video for you, like your own two minute Ted Talk – with yourself being both the speaker and the listener. Finally, you will design your own adventure, the very next steps in the liminal space to manifest your personal transformation; liminal space is similar to the cocoon in which the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly.


 Let’s talk business:

This retreat can be facilitated for one or two people at a time for the time being. Different prices points apply accordingly. On weekends you can sleep at Tree Space and on weekdays we can find you’re a suitable place or you sleep at home if most practical. Please call me on 07947484882 or email me to discuss details and dates.